Ameritech Network Services Corp. provides a full range of wireless network services:

Site Surveys

A site survey is a necessary step in implementing a wireless solution. Our technicians will test wireless coverage in various locations to identify the most cost effective placement of your wireless equipment with existing conditions. We will assess power, cabling and network requirements while identifying access point locations based upon coverage overlap needs.

 Network Design

Upon completion of the site survey our technician works with our network engineers to design the network infrastructure to fit your needs. Data and information from the site survey are combined with the designed network in a Site Survey report. The report uses existing conditions while taking into consideration seasonal fluctuations and max capacity requirements to present an installation plan for your wireless network.

  RFID Installations

With more than 10 year's installation experience working with multiple RFID solutions, our technicians have the skills necessary to efficiently install, test and certify your RFID project. Using best practices and our technicians understanding of multiple technologies allows us to seamlessly incorporate your RFID installation into your existing infrastructure.


Prior to installation your equipment will be configured and tested to ensure it is ready for installation. We also provide staging services for your equipment that will be utilizing the wireless network hand held scanners, vehicle and lift mounts, printers, price-checkers, POS devices.

 Network Installations

Your wireless network is installed, tested and certified. An Installation Report similar to the Site survey report is prepared documenting the installation. The report includes equipment information and configuration settings as well as location information, network and coverage diagrams and testing and certification results.

 Vehicle Installations

We understand how important the ability to keep your work force mobile and connected simultaneously is to you overall productivity. Utilizing manufacturer accessories or creating customized mounting solutions that keep your vehicle mount units secure without obstructing vision enables employees to be safe and productive. Our trained technicians have the experience to install your vehicle mount units to your complete satisfaction.

 Project Management

No project is too big or small for our experienced Project Managers. We have years of experience managing and reporting projects to give you a single contact for you to deal with during your project. Our project managers work with you to develop the mechanisms necessary for you to be kept informed of the progress of your project and to resolve and issues that may occur along the way.

 Additional Services

Ameritech Network Services Corp. will also troubleshoot existing wireless network problems, offering solution options. We can also update the firmware or software on your existing equipment. If you only need a wireless network certified for coverage or connectivity to your wired network, we can offer certification services.





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